Key Dates

23rd August
GCSE Results Day: 10am - 12pm.
3rd & 4th September
Ark INSET Days - academy closed to all students.
5th September - First day of Autumn Term for all students
Year 7: arrive between 8am - 8.15am. Gates will close at 8.15am.
All other years: arrive for 10am for line up. Gates will close at 10am.

Our approach

As an Ark Academy we subscribe to, and are passionate about, the six pillars that we believe are fundamental to students receiving an excellent education.

High expectations

With the right teaching and support, we believe every child can realise their potential. We set exceptionally high expectations for all our pupils and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Our aspirations are no lower for our most vulnerable pupils.

Exemplary behaviour

Our school is characterised by an orderly and calm environment. We expect students to be well mannered and treat other students, staff and parents with respect. Staff deal with misbehaviour quickly, and praise good behaviour.

Our smart uniform and logo reflect our local history and were chosen by our students. We expect all students to wear their uniform with pride and to be ambassadors for the academy at all times - both at school and in the community.

Excellent teaching

A teacher is the most important factor affecting pupil achievement.  That’s why we dedicate more time to training our teachers than most schools.  We work side by side with our teaching staff to ensure excellent teaching and support them with exceptional training and development.

Depth before breadth

When pupils secure firm foundations in English and mathematics, they find the rest of the curriculum far easier to access.  That’s why we prioritise depth in these subjects, giving pupils the best chance of academic success.  All our students – regardless of age or ability – have an hour of each of these subjects every day.

More time for learning

Our school day is longer than most schools. In a typical week, our students get around five hours more teaching than average. This gives our students more time to progress academically. It also allows them to take part in extracurricular activities which develop their wider personal, social, sporting and musical skills.

Knowing every child

We organise our schools so that every pupil knows and is known well by their teachers. Children do best when teachers and families work together: we involve families in all aspects of school life and encourage participation and collaboration. We keep parents well informed of pupils’ targets and progress and work together to understand any challenges children may face at home or at school. Together we aim to create a safe, happy and dynamic school environment.