Diwali Celebrations & End of Term

Students observing Diwali on 19th October must call the school office if they wish to take one day off for religious observance. Many thanks and we hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Diwali!

Term will end on Friday 20th October and all students will return to the academy on Wednesday 1st November 2017.

Have a safe and enjoyable break.


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Herminder Channa JP - Principal

Mr Daniel Richards - Vice Principal and Teacher of English

Ms Caroline Entwistle - Vice Principal and Teacher of English

Mr Patrick Horner - Vice Principal and Teacher of History

Miss Farooq Akhtar - Assistant Principal and Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Farzana Ahmed - Assistant Principal and Teacher of English

Mr Michael Swzaba - Assistant Principal and teacher of English

Mrs Saiqa Andleeb - Operations Manager


Faculty of Science and Innovation

Ms D Sutton  - Director of Faculty 

Miss K Hetherington - Lead Teacher and Teacher of Biology

Mrs S Huda - Head of Biology

Miss S Farooq - Head of Chemistry 

Mr M Abdi - Head of Physics 

Mrs H Assi - Teacher of Chemistry and Director of Character Education

Mr M Sandhu Teacher of Biology and Achievment Leader, Year 11

Mr A Mohammed - Teacher of Biology

Ms H Khatoon - Teacher of Chemistry

Ms J Sond - Teacher of Chemistry


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Mr R Lally - KS4 Maths Curriculum Leader

Mr A Nisar  - KS3 Curriculum Leader

Miss M Delbrocco - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr S Jones - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss S Bi - Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs D Parsons - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss M Rafiq - Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs U Murdanaigum - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss M Matthews - Teacher of Mathematics


Faculty of English Language and Literature

Miss J Lee - KS4 English Curriculum Leader

Miss F Fazil - KS3 English Curriculum Leader

Miss S Sagoo - Teacher of English and Achievment Leader, Year 9

Miss L Marsh - Teacher of English

Mrs B Ismail - Teacher of English

Mrs J Andrews - Teacher of English

Mr J Eveson - Teacher of English

Miss E Lister -Teacher of English

Miss A Khanoom - Teacher of English

Miss M Javaid - EAL Support Teacher

Miss A Milroy - English Curriculum Support


Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms SDani - Director of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs A Bote - Teacher of French

Miss N Maidan - Teacher of French

Miss S Birchet - Teacher of French


Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts

Ms Y Crawford - Director of Faculty

Miss S Al-Hanoush - Head of Music and Achievement Leader, Year 7

Mrs S Babber - Head of Drama

Mrs R Moseley - Head of Art and Art Teacher 

Mr R Williams - Teacher of Drama

Miss E Williams - Teacher of Music

Faculty of Humanities and Global Citizenship

Mrs S Stringer - Director of Faculty and Teacher of Geography

Mrs R Clayton - Head of Religious Studies and Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr A Harris - Head of History and Teacher of History

Mrs V Hudson - Head of Geography and Teacher of Geography

Mr B Capper - Teacher of Religious Studies

Miss S Akbar - Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr D Robinson - Teacher of Geography

Miss P Gordon - Teacher of History


Faculty of Health and Well-Being

Ms L Huckstep - Director of Faculty and Teacher of Physical Education

Mr C Taylor - Teacher of Physical Education and Lead for Teaching & Learning

Mr C Freeman - Teacher of Physical Education and Head of PE & Fitness

Mr S Crowe - Teacher of Physical Education

Miss L Crutchley - Teacher of Physical Education and Achievment Leader, Year 10

Miss R Priddey - Teacher of Food and Nutrition and KS3 Food & Nutrition Curriculum Lead 


Faculty of Enhanced Provision

Mr P Ptak - Leader of Enhanced Provision

Mrs V Russell - Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs G Edwards - Counsellor

Ms S Haslem - Nurse

Miss A Hazem - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Miss N Gayle - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Mr M Aghaz - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Mrs S Trench - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Miss J Bibi - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Miss M Allen - 1:1 Mobility and Support         


Student Support Team                                                                          

Mr A Patel - Senior & Year 11 Student Support Leader                                                      

Ms S Sondhi - Year 10 Student Support Leader                                 

Ms P Hudd - Year 9 Student Support Leader                                    

Mrs K Rowe - Year 8 Student Support Leader                           

Ms N Siddique - Year 7 Student Support Leader

Mr M Ahmed - Attendance Officer