Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H Channa JP - Principal

Mr D Richards - Vice Principal and Teacher of English

Ms C Entwistle - Vice Principal and Teacher of English

Mr P Horner - Vice Principal and Teacher of History

Miss F Akhtar - Assistant Principal for Assessments and Planning and Director of Mathematics

Ms F Ahmed - Assistant Principal for Literacy and Director of English

Mr M Swzaba - Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning

Mrs S Andleeb - Operations Manager


Faculty of Science and Innovation

Ms D Sutton  - Director of Faculty 

Miss K Taylor - Lead Teacher for Science and Teacher of Biology.

Mrs S Huda - Head of Biology

Miss S Farooq - Head of Chemistry 

Mr M Sandhu Teacher of Biology and Achievement Leader

Ms H Assi - Teacher of Chemistry and Director of Virtues

Mr A Mohammed - Teacher of Biology

Ms H Khatoon - Teacher of Chemistry

Mrs J Rathore - Teacher of Chemistry

Mrs R Horner - Lead Practitioner. 


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Mr R Lally - KS4 Maths Curriculum Leader

Mr A Nisar  - KS3 Curriculum Leader

Miss M Delbrocco - Teacher of Mathematics and Instructional Leader Coach

Mr S Jones - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss S Bi - Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs D Parsons - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss M Rafiq - Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs U Murdanaigum - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss M Matthews - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr C Twine - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Jama - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss J Dhaliwal - Trainee Teacher


Faculty of English Language and Literature

Miss J Lee - KS4 English Curriculum Leader

Miss F Fazil - KS3 English Curriculum Leader

Miss S Sagoo - Teacher of English and Achievement Leader

Miss L Marsh - Teacher of English

Mrs B Ismail - Teacher of English

Mrs J Andrews - Teacher of English

Mr J Eveson - Teacher of English and Instructional Leader Coach

Miss E Lister -Teacher of English

Miss A Khanom - Trainee Teacher

Miss M Javaid - EAL Co-ordinator

Miss A Milroy - English Curriculum Resource Co-ordinator


Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms S Dani - Director of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs A Bote - Teacher of French

Miss N Madani - Teacher of French

Miss S Birchet - Teacher of French

Mr G Arnaux - MFL Support


Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts

Ms Y Crawford - Director of Faculty

Miss S Al-Hanoush - Head of Music and Achievement Leader

Mrs S Georgiou - Head of Drama

Mrs R Moseley - Head of Art and Art Teacher 

Mr R Williams - Teacher of Drama

Miss E Williams - Teacher of Music

Faculty of Humanities and Global Citizenship

Mrs S Stringer - Director of Faculty and Teacher of Geography

Mrs R Clayton - Head of Religious Studies and Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr A Harris - Head of History and Teacher of History

Mrs V Hudson - Head of Geography and Teacher of Geography

Mr B Capper - Teacher of Religious Studies

Miss S Akbar - Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr D Robinson - Trainee Teacher

Miss P Gordon - Teacher of History

Mr C Taylor - Lead Teacher for Humanities and Teacher of Physical Education


Faculty of Health and Well-Being

Ms L Huckstep - Director of Faculty and Teacher of Physical Education

Mr C Freeman - Teacher of Physical Education and Head of PE & Fitness

Miss L Crutchley - Teacher of Physical Education and Achievement Leader

Miss R Priddey - Teacher of Food and Nutrition and KS3 Food & Nutrition Curriculum Lead 

Miss N Gayle - PE Support


Faculty of Enhanced Provision

Mr P Ptak - Leader of Enhanced Provision

Ms A Knowles - Director of Enhanced Provision and SENCO

Mrs G Edwards - School Counsellor

Ms S Haslem - School Nurse

Miss A Hazem - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Mr M Aghaz - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Mrs S Trench - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Miss J Bibi - 1:1 Mobility and Support

Miss M Allen - 1:1 Mobility and Support   

Mr A Soni-Tricker - 1:1 Mobility and Support     

Ms S Guled - 1:1 Mobility and Support


Student Support Team                                                                          

Mr A Patel - Senior & Year 11 Student Support Leader                                                                                    

Ms P Hudd - Year 10 Student Support Leader                                    

Mrs K Rowe - Year 9 Student Support Leader                           

Ms N Siddique - Year 8 Student Support Leader

Miss S Kaur - Year 7 Student Support Leader

Mr M Ahmed - Attendance Officer 

Mrs V Russell - Designated Safeguarding Lead and Pastoral Care