Newly Qualified Teacher Programme

The best training and support early in your career

Every teacher has what it takes to be great. Research shows that the first few years of your development are the most crucial. That’s why our highly supportive, tailored Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) programme runs alongside your school-based teaching role, dedicating extra time to your development. This year, we have over 170 NQTs are part of our Newly Qualified Teacher programme. 

Summer school

This introduction is for NQTs new to the Ark network. You’ll spend three days in your new school, and two days with fellow NQTs across the Ark network, getting to grips with the topics and concepts essential to your training - the perfect start to your NQT year. 

Weekly coaching and co-planning

This high level of personalised support is what makes our programme truly unique. You will have a coach in school who observes you regularly; giving you feedback and helping plan your lessons. They’ll give you a bite-sized target each week, for example changing the way you greet students at the door – meaning you progress at a manageable pace.

NQT conferences

Twice a year, you will attend a full-day conference with fellow teachers centred on themes relevant to NQTs. You will have a choice of training sessions to attend – making the conference specific to your needs.

Local workshops

Every month you’ll join with your fellow NQTs in small groups to take part in training led by an experienced and skilled Ark tutor. These evening training sessions complement the conferences and allow you to share experiences with, and gain insights from, your peers in neighbouring schools.

After your NQT year...

Good to Great

Ark’s Good to Great programme is a year-long development scheme for classroom teachers consistently graded as ‘good’. Through face-to-face training, direct practice and regular feedback, you will develop the habits of excellence in the classroom across all areas of your teaching - from managing behaviour to planning outstanding lessons.

Lead Practitioner Programme

Lead Practitioners are excellent teachers who use their expertise to train others, while still spending most of their time in the classroom. This one year programme combines group training and individual practice to make sure you have the tools to become an expert in getting the best out of your fellow teachers. If you are a consistently outstanding teacher – who helps develop teachers around you, either formally or informally – then the Lead Practitioner Programme is the perfect step up to middle leadership.