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GCSE Drama

Faculty Vision

Creativity and teamwork are key skills which industry and employers are telling us are critical for the future of our economy. The creative industries make up the UK's second biggest business sector and these include, design, architecture, television, music, and media. Birmingham is a leading hub in the UK for jobs and training in television and media. "Drama" is a life skill, the ability to confidently present yourself to an audience at a job interview or whilst delivering a professional presentation as part of an A Level or degree course. There are some employment sectors which actively prefer candidates who have GCSE Drama such as Law. The court room being a theatre and medicine, the ability to empathise with people in need of care. GCSE Drama is a highly prized and challenging qualification which shows future employers that candidates have valuable skills such as confidence, creativity, communication, teamwork, empathy and understanding.

Studying GCSE Drama

Students will continue to create performances, however in GCSE Drama students will be writing about theatre and performance. All students will study a play script, perform excerpts from this play and write about how to stage it.  Students will devise an original performance and write bouts it creation.

40% written examination, 20% written course work, 40% practical performance 

GCSE Exam Specification Title

Edexcel GCSE Drama

Link to Exam Specification


Future education, training and/or career prospects

Careers include acting, theatre journalism, television, creative industries, law, and medicine.

Future training can include A Level Drama, A Level Psychology, A Level Theatre Studies, A Level Politics.