Summer Term Arrangements

The academy will open again to all students on Wednesday 1st May.
Have a lovely break.

GCSE English

Faculty Vision

Together with families and the local community, the Faculty of English Language and Literature is dedicated to helping our young people develop a lifelong love for learning English, as well as developing confidence in articulating themselves in a range of ways. 

Studying GCSE English

English Language Paper One: 1hr 45min written exam requires students to explore and analyse a fiction extract before creating their own narrative/descriptive piece.

Paper Two: 1hr 45min written exam requires students to analyse and compare 2 non-fiction extracts before producing a discursive piece of writing.

English Literature Paper One: 1 hr 45min written exam requires students to analyse extracts taken from 'Jekyll and Hyde' and 'Macbeth'.

Paper Two: 2hrs 15min written exam requires students to demonstrate their understanding of themes and characters in 'An Inspector Calls'. It also requires them to analyse and compare studied and unseen poetry.

GCSE Exam Specification Title

AQA GCSE English Language and AQA GCSE English Literature

Link to Exam Specification   

Future education, training and/or career prospects

Careers can include sports journalist, lawyer, film director, public relations executive,  fashion journalist, author, newsreader, politician, actor, architect, creative director, scriptwriter, teacher and lecturer.