Summer Term Arrangements

The academy will open again to all students on Wednesday 1st May.
Have a lovely break.

GCSE Religious Studies

Faculty Vision

Religious studies helps pupils to understand the diverse world we live in through exploring both religious and non-religious perspectives. The subject not only helps students to understand religious practices but also helps them to explore their own attitudes and opinions on a range of thought provoking topics.

Studying GCSE Religious Studies

Students will study two religions. The study of Christianity will focus on Christian beliefs, marriage and the family, living a Christian life and Matters of life after death. The study of Islam will focus on Muslim beliefs, philosophy of religion, living the Muslim life and Equality.

GCSE Exam Specification Title

Edexcel papers one and three

Link to Exam Specification

Future education, training and/or career prospects

This can lead to a career in psychology, counselling, public services, lawyer, advice worker, charity officer, community development worker, editorial assistant, journalist, social worker, youth worker.