Our Virtues

Alongside the core academic curriculum, all pupils take part in form activities that support the nurturing of what we perceive to be important personal virtues:


Acting with bravery in fearful situations


Acting with fairness towards others by honouring rights & responsibilities


Being truthful & sincere


Exhibiting care & concern


The ability to control one's feelings & overcome one's weakness



Feeling & expressing thanks for benefits


Estimating oneself within reasonable limits


A humble generosity of time, thought & spirit


A determined & gracious resolve in the face of challenges


A giving heart, a generous way of viewing others & caring for their needs

Character development is continued through the academy’s rich comprehensive enrichment programme which includes sport, cultural, creative and other activities. This helps them develop key personal skills and aptitudes such as communication, leadership, team work, and problem-solving that are so sought after by today’s top universities and employers.

Additionally, the academy runs a number of ‘Drop-Down’ days where external agencies are welcomed to the academy to deliver sessions that include advice regarding career choices and mock interviews. We also take utilise these days to support the delivery of PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).

Virtues Expositions

Here we will share regular student expositions by students about topics they are covering in their virtues lessons or areas they feel passionate about.

Sami | Year 8 | Bullying 

Click on the image below to hear Sami's powerful exposition on Bullying.

Nadira | Year 8 | Physical & Mental Well-being

Click on the image below to hear Nadira's exposition on healthy well-being.

Pushpita | Year 9 | Mental Health Awareness

Click on the image below to hear Pushpita's exposition on mental health.