Vacancies at Ark Pioneer

Could you be a founding staff member at Ark Pioneer?

“Next September, Ark Pioneer will open the doors to our brand new building in High Barnet and welcome in our first year 7. We are recruiting a founding team of teachers and leaders, who share our belief that education can be transformative. Together, we will develop our school to a standard matching the best in the country.”                                                                                                                           Aishling Ryan, Principal 


Why work at Ark Pioneer Academy?

Ark Pioneer will be a community of professionals who strive for excellent practice and constant improvement.

  • We will provide regular high quality training and development for all of our staff. All teachers and leaders will have weekly collaborative planning, weekly coaching, a weekly whole staff training session, 14 CPD days annually and access to an extensive menu of Ark training programmes.
  • All of our staff will be encouraged to think strategically and we will listen to their ideas on where we can make improvements.
  • We are committed to developing everyone who takes on leadership positions within the school. We will run leadership-focussed training sessions and offer one-to-one support.
  • Our staff will work with colleagues across the network - from different subjects, schools and cities - and have the chance to take on network-wide responsibilities such as leading programmes or training.


What is our vision?

Our vision is that every pupil leaving Ark Pioneer does so with real options, whether that’s embarking on the university course of their choice or starting out in their chosen career.


How will we achieve this vision?

Underpinning our vision are six pillars. These pillars will drive both our long-term planning and our day-to-day decision-making.

High Aspirations: We will ensure pupils have a comprehensive understanding of the range of careers out there and the qualifications, skills and experiences they need in order to pursue them. They will meet inspirational role models, explore a variety of career options and visit a university every year. Our enrichment programme will enable them to develop their talents, interests and passions.

Rigorous Academic Curriculum: Our subject leaders will plan backwards from university to craft a rigorous curriculum that promotes curiosity and explores the big ideas underpinning each area of study. Each subject curriculum will include a thorough base of knowledge and develop a depth of understanding that supports future learning.

Excellent Teaching: Our teachers will be subject and curriculum experts with an excellent understanding of how each lesson’s learning fits into pupils’ broader development. Teaching will be a team effort: we will plan collaboratively, making intelligent use of data and using collective experience to achieve excellent outcomes for our pupils.

Strong Discipline: We will create an environment that is calm, respectful and focussed on learning. Pupils will be inducted and practised in lesson routines and teachers will implement our systems consistently. We will teach self-discipline and develop a sense of responsibility in all of our pupils.

Instilling Values: We will build on each child’s character and habits to support their academic and personal development. In-class discussion, assemblies and presentations by external speakers will give pupils the language and structure to explore issues relevant to society, while also instilling the values and attributes that will guide their personal development.

Quality Training:  We will be a community of professionals who strive for excellent practice and constant improvement. High quality training and development will be part of daily life at our school.

To facilitate these pillars, we commit to effective organisation at Ark Pioneer: We will organise our time effectively to ensure we can successfully deliver our ambitious vision for our school in a sustainable way.


There are no vacancies at at the moment. However, you can also view all available jobs in the ARK Network.