Diwali Celebrations & End of Term

Students observing Diwali on 19th October must call the school office if they wish to take one day off for religious observance. Many thanks and we hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Diwali!

Term will end on Friday 20th October and all students will return to the academy on Wednesday 1st November 2017.

Have a safe and enjoyable break.

Menus & Healthy Eating

We know that if our students eat well they are better able to learn.  We encourage our students to choose healthy food and drink options - sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks are not allowed in the academy.  

All of our food is freshly prepared in school, and is Halal.

You can read our latest menus here:

PDF iconAutumn Term Lunch Menu Week 1

PDF iconAutumn Term Lunch Menu Week 2

PDF iconAutumn Term Lunch Menu Week 3

PDF iconSnack Menu Week 1

PDF iconSnack Menu Week 2

PDF iconSnack Menu Week 3