Summer Term Arrangements

The academy will open again to all students on Wednesday 1st May.
Have a lovely break.

Work Wow Day

Here you'll find a selection of student work which staff want to 'shout out' about every Friday.

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Friday 1st December 2017

Students in Year 10 have been studying superpower relations and the Cold War for their GCSE in History. Many students did very well in their mock exams but Lakhan Singh's work was exceptional. Lakhan has achieved 8/8 on his exam question because he has used his knowledge to clearly answer the question. Lakhan has also added some extra detail to his work when he received feedback on it, showing that even when students achieve full marks they can still improve beyond the requirements of the GCSE.

Friday 10th November 2017

The following showcases fantastic work completed by Year 9 student Inayah Ishfaq with factorising quadratics. Inayah demonstrated Grade 5 and above techniques which would normally be taught at GCSE level, well done! Preparing well for Year 10 and 11 ahead! Our students' skills demonstrated that they are able to expand double brackets, working backwards, in which they identify factors that add up to the middle and multiply at the end.

Friday 20th October 2017

An excellent example of the final analysis of GCSE Food Investigation Task written by Taibah Ali in Year 11. Taibah has cleverly conducted her research and investigations to evaluate whether her hypothesis is correct. This demonstrates an in depth understanding of the task. Two claps, two stomps for you Taibah! #TeamBoulton

Friday 13th October 2017

Shout out to Sara Gulzar in Year 9 this Work Wow Day! Ms Fazil chose this piece of work because Sara completed a detailed analysis of the relationship between Jane Eyre and Mrs Reed in her English lesson. She explored Bronte's literary techniques too! Two claps, two stomps for you Sara! #TeamBoulton.