Academy closed to students on Friday 16th March

The academy will be closed to all students on Friday 16th March for Staff Inset Day.
All students to return as usual on Monday 19th March.
Thank you.

Volunteering in the community

Our Year 11 students have been volunteering at the Ackers Activity Centre this term as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The aim of the activity was to help students work towards completion of their award and give back to the community. Students have been clearing up debris and looking after the environment.

“We moved wood chips from a pile and spread it across a muddy area by the ski slope. This ensures the walking area is safe and not slippery when visitors use the slopes.” Student in Class 11WH1.

“The progress students are making is very good, and everyone got involved to help out. This is a great community engagement activity and helps build student responsibility and work ethic.” Mr SoniTricker.