End of term arrangements

Students will be dismissed at 1.20pm on Friday 21st December for the holiday season.
All students will return on Wednesday 9th January for an 8.15am start.

Spaghetti Structures Design Challenge

Year 8 Science students enjoyed learning through a creative way by taking part in the spaghetti design challenge.

The aim of this STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenge was to build the tallest free-standing spaghetti structure, using their engineering and science knowledge to do so. Students learnt to:

  • Understand trial and error when working with science and engineering, and understand how important this is to develop ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Develop on their teamwork skills.
  • Understand that weak materials can be made stronger by using good design ideas and structure shapes.
  • Understand the techniques used by engineers when designing actual structures and buildings and the consideration of tension and compression forces.
  • Understand the use of mass distribution and why it’s important when building a structure.

We had some excellent ideas and were very impressed by the final structures. Well done Year 8!