Diwali Celebrations & End of Term

Students observing Diwali on 19th October must call the school office if they wish to take one day off for religious observance. Many thanks and we hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Diwali!

Term will end on Friday 20th October and all students will return to the academy on Wednesday 1st November 2017.

Have a safe and enjoyable break.


Safeguarding Contacts

Ms Valerie Russell - Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Patrick Horner - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Aliya Begg - Nominated Safeguarding Link Governor

Ms Julie Griffiths - Chair of Governors

Mr Jon Needham - Local Authority Designated Officer


Ark Boulton Academy Safeguarding Policy

PDF iconSafeguarding Policy 2017 - 2018

PDF iconAppendix A - Safeguarding Policy

PDF iconAppendix D - Recruitment and Appointment Policy 2016

There are a number of other policies that sit alongside Ark Boulton's safeguarding policy which can be read here:

PDF iconAnti-Bullying Policy June 2017

PDF iconAttendance Policy 2017 - 2018

PDF iconE-Safety & Images Guidance 2016 - 2017

PDF iconManagement of Safeguarding 2016 - 2017

PDF iconPhysical Intervention & Restraint Policy 2017 - 2018

PDF iconReporting Complaints against a Member of Staff 2016 - 2017

PDF iconReporting Concerns Procedure for Staff 2016 - 2017

PDF iconStaff Code of Conduct 2016 - 2017

PDF iconWhistleblowing Policy 2017