End of term arrangements

Students will be dismissed at 1.20pm on Friday 21st December for the holiday season.
All students will return on Wednesday 9th January for an 8.15am start.


"Safeguarding is the name given to individuals and organisations working together to protect and promote the safety and welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults." 

At Ark Boulton Academy we take safeguarding very seriously. All adults who regularly work on our site are required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to prevent unsuitable people from working with students. All visitors are closely supervised when on site.
Ark Boulton Academy is committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the children entrusted to our care.

Our Academy will support children by:

  • Promoting a caring, safe and positive environment within the Academy
  • Encouraging self-esteem and self-assertiveness
  • Effectively tackling bullying and harrassment

We recoginse that some children may be victims of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse.  Staff working with children are well placed to identify such abuse. 

If you have a concern that a child or children are being harmed, at risk of harm, or you receive a disclosure (intentionally or unintentionally) you must report it.

Safeguarding Contacts
Designated Safeguarding Lead Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Vice Principal     

Mr Patrick Horner


Tel: 0121 773 8156 

Mob: 07494276506

Safeguarding Officer     

Mrs Rosie Higgins


Tel: 0121 773 8156

Mob: 07388371420

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Senior Student Support Leader  

Mr Asif Patel



Tel: 0121 773 8156

Academy Nurse  

Nurse Selene Haslem



Tel: 0121 773 8156

Ms J Farr - Chair of Governors

Nora Malik, Salma Shabir and Tracey Johnson - Local Authority Designated Officer(s)

To find out more about Ark Boulton's approach to Safeguarding and how you can support us, please download our Safeguarding policy.

Ark Boulton Academy Safeguarding Policy

2018-19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy with Links

PDF iconAppendix A - Safeguarding Policy

PDF iconAppendix D - Recruitment and Appointment Policy

There are a number of other policies that sit alongside Ark Boulton's safeguarding policy which can be read here:

PDF iconAnti-Bullying Policy 2018 - 2020

PDF iconAttendance Policy 2018 - 2020

PDF iconE-Safety Guidance 2019 - 2020

Exclusions Policy 2018-9.pdf

Looked After Children Policy 2018-9.pdf

PDF iconManagement of Safeguarding 2019 - 2020

PDF iconPhysical Intervention & Restraint Policy 2019 - 2020

Procedure for managing allegations of abuse against staff 2018-9.pdf

PDF iconReporting Concerns Procedure for Staff 2019

PDF iconStaff Code of Conduct 2019

Supporting Transgender Pupils Code of Practice September 2018-September 2021.pdf

PDF iconWhistleblowing Policy 2018 - 2020

Hard copies of all policy documents are available upon request from the academy reception.