Key Dates

23rd August
GCSE Results Day: 10am - 12pm.
3rd & 4th September
Ark INSET Days - academy closed to all students.
5th September - First day of Autumn Term for all students
Year 7: arrive between 8am - 8.15am. Gates will close at 8.15am.
All other years: arrive for 10am for line up. Gates will close at 10am.

Year 11

Dear Year 11

We know that revision can be challenging. You need to decide what it is that needs revising; the method of revision to choose and the resources to use to undertake that revision. To make things a little bit easier we have created these pages to navigate you through the revision process. Below is a revision timetable that includes all the subjects that you are studying and that will be examined starting on May 14th!

We have thought long and hard about the timetable, including matching the revision session with whether your exam will be taken in either the morning or afternoon. Each day clearly states the subject that you should revise for and when to revise it. Likewise, we have matched revision subjects where we believe there will be a crossover of content. Each day, your first session will start at 10:00 because we know that teenagers are less productive early in the morning; it also ensures that you have time to have a healthy breakfast.

This is a really important time of your life and we know that the time up to the completion of your final examination can be stressful. It is as important for you to take time out from your studies as it is to work hard during the sessions which is why we have included days off and highlighted where to put your pens downs and take a break.

Research shows that the most effective revision technique is to complete examination questions. Your teachers have collated these and we have added them to these pages. Part of the revision process is ensuring that you identify questions that you find difficult and use your revision guides to help you fill the gaps. Sitting and reading a revision guide for hours on end is not an efficient revision technique, great revision means applying the skills that you have learnt. When you arrive back to the academy after the Easter break please ensure you bring your competed examination papers with you as these will be used by your teachers in the first two lessons to ensure that any areas for improvement can be addressed in class.

Remember that when you have finished your examinations you will have at least 10 weeks without school! Imagine how enjoyable this will be knowing that you have given 100% to your studies. Finally, all your teachers have their fingers crossed for you and can't wait to congratulate you on results day, having achieved fantastic GCSE grades. Good luck!

The Ark Boulton Team

Please click to see a copy of the Year 11 revision map

Please select to see a copy of the whole school examination calendar

Please click here to see the TED talk video that is part of your first day of revision