In order to keep the waiting list up to date for each academic year, we will not be keeping your child on the waiting list longer than the current academic year. A new waiting list will be created for each new academic year. Therefore, from September 2020 your child will no longer remain on the waiting list or be automatically transferred to the new academic year's waiting list. 

If you wish to apply for a place in the new academic year beginning from September 2020 -2021 in any year group 8 to year 11, please download and complete this application form or you can obtain one from the school office when schools are back.

Please wait until schools have reopened to return your completed forms to the School's reception.

Also note that we will require you to bring the original copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport and a copy of council tax (2020/2021) and/or recent utility bill (e.g. Gas, Electricity, Water, copy of rental agreement or Bank Statement with you for verification of your address. Utility bill MUST be within 3 months of your application form, we can then process your form according to the admissions criteria.

If you have any specific questions on our admissions policy or criteria please visit our admissions page or contact our Admissions Team by email : with subject title - In-year admissions.