Faculty Vision

Learning how to interact with speakers of other languages means you are less likely to be stuck in one mode of thinking. It can help you to see things from a range of perspectives - making you more adaptable, creative, and insightful. Providing opportunities to promote intercultural understanding is a vital element of language learning. In the Moderm Foreign Languages (MFL) Department we are committed to ensuring that each topic contains element of cultural reference to not only the target language country, but the wider Francophone sphere.

Studying GCSE MFL

4 Skills (all exam based)

Listening (25%)

Speaking (25%)

Reading (25%)

Writing (25%)

GCSE Exam Specification Title

Edexcel GCSE French.

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Future education, training and/or career prospects

Choosing an AS or A-level language is a very smart move if you want a fascinating subject that offers you a range of career possibilities, and incorporating a language into your degree can set yourself ahead of the rest when applying for jobs.

Language skills are in demand and can be used in any career therefore there are simply no limits to the possibilities open to you.