School Update (4th April 2020)

We are currently recruiting for a number of roles for September 2020. Please visit our virtual recruitment page for details of the exciting positions that we have and for further details on the virtual application process

Dear Parents/ Carers, we have now come to the end of what has been a challenging term for all. During the Spring break Ark Boulton will continue to support our families and are available to be contacted through our email: Please continue to monitor your SMS messages and post as these we will be our primary methods of contact in the coming weeks. Our teachers are working to ensure that the website is continually updated with new learning content and we will be sending further guidance in time for the new term. We recently sent a text message with a link to a short survey regarding access to online materials at home. Please complete this so that we are able to support and tailor the resources we provide. Finally, we must continue to show our support for NHS and all other keyworkers who continue to serve on the frontline, by staying indoors and practicing social distancing should you need to go out.

As you are no doubt aware Year 11s will not be sitting formal GCSE examinations this Summer. We are currently receiving guidance from Ofqual on how grades will be attained by students. We will, of course update our Year 11 families and parents as soon as we have definitive details.

Please click here if you need any additional information regarding free school meals.

We all have our part to play in helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus. This means we must stay at home to protect the NHS and help save lives. Please continue to follow health guidance from the NHS and the Government.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding during these challenging times and a heartfelt thanks to our NHS and key workers who are working so hard to look after us all.

If you need to contact the school, please email:

Home-Academy Agreement

The Home-Academy Agreement is part of our behaviour policy.

Ark Boulton recognises that the successful development of its' students depends on an effective partnership of academy, students and parents. All three parties share responsibility for the development and achievement of each student. Together, we commit ourselves to the following:

The Academy’s educational responsibilities​:

  • The academy has high expectations of all its students and will provide a secure environment in which each student is encouraged to grow and learn.
  • The academy will provide high quality teaching and a curriculum that is appropriate to the needs of all its students, including those with special needs.
  • The academy will keep parents informed about the progress of their child and will let them know immediately if there are concerns about their learning or behaviour.
  • Academy staff will treat all students with respect.
  • The following items are strictly prohibited from being on site. These items will be confiscated and the student’s Head of Year informed. The items will not be returned to students but made available, at an agreed to time, for collection by parents/carers: mobile phones, sweets, chewing gum and fizzy drinks, “tippex”, personal stereo equipment, MP3 players.
  • The Safety of student and staff at Ark Boulton follows the procedures for Child Protection of the Birmingham Area Child Protection Committee and Birmingham Education Authority.  If at any time we believe that a child is in danger as a result of abuse or neglect we will refer the case to Social Services. 
  • In the interest of safety for both students and staff we may restrain a student if we feel that they are endangering, or will endanger themselves, others or property.  On occasions, we may make appropriate physical contact with a child either because they are in need of help or comfort or because we are giving them emergency medical treatment.

Parental/Carer responsibilities:

  • I/We will do whatever we can to support our child’s learning.
  • I/We will actively support the academy’s behaviour policy.
  • I/We will ensure that our child is properly equipped for the academy and wearing academy uniform.
  • I/We will check my child’s key to success daily.
  • I/We will attend Parents’ Evenings and Target Setting Interviews at the academy.
  • I/We will ensure that our child attends regularly and punctually.  We will inform the academy as soon as possible of the reason for any absence.
  • I/We agree to the terms of the paragraph on safety, as written above.
  • I/We understand that the academy Governors would expect me to contribute to the cost of any deliberate damage to academy property on the part of my daughter/son.
  • I/We understand that the quality of my child’s work and behaviour will lead to rewards and sanctions as set out in the academy’s behaviour policy including ‘same day’ detentions until 16.35 and, for more serious failings, a 1.25 hour detention until 17.00.
  • I/We understand that the academy behaviour policy and procedures have been approved by the governing body and sanctions applied in accordance with the policy are not negotiable.
  • I/We understand that the compulsory academy day normally ends at 15.35 on Monday to Thursday but that my child may be kept in the academy until 16.35 or 17.00 without prior notice.
  • I/We understand that the compulsory academy day ends at 13.45 lunchtime on Friday and notice will be given in advance (or on the day if necessary) if my child is to be kept in the academy Friday detention until 14.45 or 15.35. By signing this document you agree to abide by the expectations contained in the declarations.

Student responsibilities:

  • I will always do my best with my academy work and my consolidation and preparation.
  • I will obey the classroom rules and the corridor rules.
  • I will treat other people and academy property with respect.
  • I will come to the academy properly equipped, on time and in academy uniform.
  • I will have my key to success and a reading book with me in all lessons.
  • I will not bring any banned article or substance into the academy.   I understand that this includes tobacco, alcohol, qat, illegal drugs and other mind altering substances.
  • I will not bring ipods, computer games or other valuable items into the academy.
  • I will not bring knives, blades or other weapons or dangerous items into the academy.  I understand that if I do bring in any such items I will be permanently excluded.
  • I understand that the quality of my work and behaviour will lead to rewards and sanctions as set out in the academy’s behaviour policy including ‘same day’ detentions and for more serious failings a 1.25 hour detention.

Download our Home-Academy Agreement here - PDF iconHome-Academy Agreement

Hard copies of all policy documents are available upon request from the academy reception.