Independent Learning

At Ark Boulton, we are dedicated to helping our young people to develop a lifelong love of learning and to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to reach the career of their choice. The daily independent learning programme at Ark Boulton will help to equip our students to develop vital study skills needed to be successful during their time at the academy and beyond. Furthermore, all independent learning activities are based on knowledge retrieval from the previous year - a strategy which has been shown by numerous researchers to significantly improve student learning.

Each booklet has a range of '30 minute independent learning tasks' for all subjects for the first half term. Every subject has created a different task each week to recall learning from the previous school year or topic. Students will be informed by their subject teachers as to which day their homework will need to be handed in. All tasks need to be completed in the back of their subject exercise books or on a task sheet which will then be glued in to the back of their books. It is the student’s responsibility to be organised and take their subject books home on the appropriate day of the week. 

For the relevant booklet, please select the year group you would like to access below:


Independent Learning Parent Information Letter.

Home Study Timetable.