Ark Apprenticeship Mentoring Programme

Monday 12 February 2018

Nine Year 11 students are currently taking part in the Ark Apprenticeship Mentoring Programme. The aim of the programme is to provide students with the ability to expose and familiarise themselves with their career options and the working world. The programme is fully supported by corporate partners including Ambition School Leadership, AON, Urban Growth Company and LM-JV. The partners help students to develop and hone key skills, and help deliver various workshops around interview techniques, presentation skills, and a Dragon’s Den style pitch.

The most recent workshop was held at Aston University and allowed students to complete tasks to develop their problem solving, communication and decision making skills. Students had to work in teams and negotiate towards a solution. 

The scenario was based around a ‘Space Survival’ activity, where the students or ‘crew’ face mechanical difficulties whilst on their mission and are forced to land in an emergency. The majority of the equipment is damaged, and to survive, students need to reach the mother ship with only a few critical items available during the long trip.

How did the crew decide what items to take? Who would carry them? How would you determine what or who is more important? Did they face any conflict within the group?

The task was enjoyable and exciting and really helped develop students skills. “Year 11 were phenomenal and clearly showcased the use of all of our academy virtues during the task and whilst meeting mentors and workshop facilitators.” Mr Sandhu, Year 11 Achievement Leader.