Birmingham Stories Award

Thursday 28 January 2021

Last term Key Stage 3 students had the opportunity to enter the Birmingham Stories 'Heroes & heroines story writing competition', organised by the National Literary Trust and the University of Birmingham.

Out of our 10 finalists from Ark Boulton Academy, Tasnim from 7Courage was selected as the winner by a panel of judges including:

Sufiya Ahmed - an award-winning author. 

Anna Cermakova - a corpus linguist and currently works as Research Associate at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

Ruth Gilligan - a bestselling author and academic from Dublin now based in the UK.

Natalie Haigh - a player and coach for Aston Villa Football Club.

Michaela Mahlberg - Director of the Centre for Corpus Research at Birmingham University, using the entries to this competition to inform her research into textual patterns in children’s writing.


Read an extract from Tasnim's award-winning story, called 'Lonely, Lonely Whale': 

An individual, unheard, isolated since there was no one here for him. Hurt and in pain by those who were heartbreakers, killing hearts into pieces just for their own enjoyment and greed. Demoralised in a flawless outstanding turquoise sea, a lonesome individual surrounded by towering waves that are endless. No other whales to be heard nor could the individual be heard himself, in the middle of the vast ocean, speaking softly and lonely. No matter how much he shouted, no one hears, lonely and gravely destitute that he quietly shut his mouth in despair… all alone in the deep ocean, swimming along the towering waves. 

‘will anyone hear me?’ 

‘will anyone?’ 

By all means, someone had listened, a man, a hero but a hero without a cape and powers. A hero of his own kind, he’s out there, B-tang hears those determined shouts. Including those shouts no one else had heard about yet but him…