Black History Month at Ark Boulton

Tuesday 02 October 2018

‘Justice - acting with fairness towards others by honouring rights and responsibilities.’

October marks the important awareness and celebration of Black History Month. Black History Month is set aside to learn, honour and celebrate the achievements of black and ethnic minorities throughout history. Alongside the awareness of our academy theme ‘Justice’, students and staff have been learning and discussing more about the month.

Why do we celebrate Black History Month?

  • Black History Month started in 1926 to promote awareness and knowledge of Black history and culture.
  • To celebrate moving away from segregation towards unity.
  • To learn from the mistakes made in the past and to ensure we don’t do them again.
  • To remember the position that figures such as Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks took to stand for their rights and promote peace.

Imagine if you couldn’t sit next to someone on the bus because they had different coloured skin to you. Imagine if you couldn’t go to the same shops as your next-door neighbour. Imagine if you couldn’t go to school with the person sat next to you because their skin was a different colour. Luckily for us we don’t have to deal with these problems because of everything people in the past have done to help us.

Have a look through our gallery below to read about just some of the inspirational figures, past and present, who have influenced our society today.