Boulton Bookworms

Wednesday 24 January 2018

In an ever increasing digital and online environment, the Ark Boulton Library is flourishing as students, as well as staff, advocate the need to have physical resources in the form of books and take advantage of the IT facilities. 

Our library not only offers a quiet space for students to read and work in, but also provides a creative environment for group work, workshops, homework club, research and even a stationary stall. 

“A library is a hub and a key element to the academy. It is important because it helps all members of our community, students, staff and families, to gain new knowledge, skills for learning and personal development that will be used throughout their lives. 

Reading encourages curiosity, deep thinking and lively discussions. It helps to support and develop literacy and learning skills and develops our imagination. The enjoyment of reading is a mine of treasure that you can escape into!” Mrs Smith, Ark Boulton Librarian. 

The library is available to access by students during break and lunch times and after school. We always have new book titles reaching our bookshelves throughout the year, so keep an eye out! 

We'll be taking part in National Storytelling Week from Monday 29th January. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see what we have planned.