Compassion for the Environment

Friday 18 May 2018

Alongside the core academic curriculum, all pupils take part in form activities that support the nurturing of what we perceive to be important personal virtues:

  • Courage    
  • Justice           
  • Honesty            
  • Compassion            
  • Self-Discipline           
  • Gratitude            
  • Humility            
  • Service            
  • Commitment            
  • Charity            

Character development is continued through the academy’s rich comprehensive enrichment programme which includes sport, cultural, creative and other activities. This helps them develop key personal skills and aptitudes such as communication, leadership, team work, and problem-solving that are so sought after by today’s top universities and employers. 

Included in the curriculum is our Virtues Expositions programme which allows students to discuss, research, debate and express how they feel about key topics and themes relating to our ten virtues mentioned above.

This week's exposition is by Year 9 student Anab about why she thinks it is important to show compassion for the environment and the impact it can have. (Please click on the image below to view).

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