Envision Community Apprentice - Best Presentation

A huge well done to our Envision Community Apprentice group 'Swap a Knife for a Life' who won 'Best Presentation' at the finals on Friday 10th May. 

We also won second place overall for our entire project. A great achievement Team Boulton!

"Congratulations on winning the best presentation! I was told not just by the judges but by multiple people (including other students) that your presentation was very smart! The team should be so proud of this and how far they have come and what they have achieved over the past few months."  - Katie Booth, Envision Coach.

Year 10 students present to a panel of professionals, completing their final challenge as Community Apprentices.

On Friday 10th May, a group of 12 students from Year 10 completed Envision’s Community-Apprentice competition. Team Swap a Knife for a Life have been supporting Street Doctors, a local charity which change lives by giving young people the skills and confidence to deliver lifesaving first aid, particularly in the event of stabbings.

After 13-weeks as Community Apprentices, Team Swap a Knife for a Life have completed three challenges: an awareness raising challenge in their school, a fundraiser at a local business and a pitching challenge where they presented about their journey at an inter-school event, held at Aston University. Swap a Knife for a Life competed against four other schools to demonstrate their skills and development of determination, confidence and teamwork, as well as their overall commitment to making a difference in their local community.

Over the course of the Community-Apprentice competition, Team Swap a Knife for a Life, have dedicated over 250 hours to their project. Due to their commitment, the team were given an awarded for the best presentation at the Pitching Challenge, with the judges commenting that they were very well practiced, very engaging and passionate!

The Challenges

At the first of the three challenges, the Awareness Raising Challenge, Team Swap a Knife for a Life reached over 1,000 people through their awareness raising projects. They did this by: presenting to the younger years of their school about the charity and the serious effects of knife crime; producing a video which was shared across the school and charity’s social media; creating an art piece which was shown in their assembly; and inviting a volunteer from the Street Doctors into school over their lunch break who spoke to students and answered any of their questions about the charity. Through these activities, the students developed their confidence, organisation and teamwork skills massively.

The second challenge, the Fundraising Challenge, allowed the team to practice their confidence in speaking to adults they do not know as they set up a stall at The NEC, see below for more information about this partnership. They raised money at their business mentors’ office by: holding a food sale, selling homemade brownies, samosas, popcorn and cake; running a tombola game with fun prizes; and creating an amazing booklet about their charity (including a poem) which they gave out to all staff at the NEC for free. In just over an hour the team raised £203.25!

For their final challenge, the students presented in front of a panel of judges at Aston University about their journey throughout the Community-Apprentice programme. They chose to make their presentation more creative by doing an award ceremony themed presentation, with presenters congratulating the team on their achievements. It was great to celebrate all that Team Swap a Knife for a Life have achieved and the impact that they have made during this inspiring inter-school event.

Exposure to the Workplace

Each school in the competition was partnered with its very own business, who provided volunteer mentors to guide and encourage the team with their projects and encouraged them to develop skills that employers are looking for. Team Swap a Knife for a Life were partnered with The NEC.

Team Swap a Knife for a Life had the incredible opportunity of visiting The NEC three times over the past three months. The business mentors provided the students with examples of how to develop key skills of teamwork, confidence and determination: reinforcing how valuable these skills are in their own jobs, and when accessing the workplace in general. Trips to The NEC have given students the unique opportunity of gaining exposure to the workplace and boosting their employability skills.

One of the mentors from The NEC, Glen Lewis said that "the students were friendly, polite and keen to learn. It has been a real pleasure to be involved and everyone should be extremely proud. They have been a pleasure and the school should be very proud."

The students from Team Swap a Knife for a Life should definitely be really proud of all that they have achieved on the Community-Apprentice and for the difference that they have made to their charity Street Doctors and in their community.

Well done team Swap a Knife for a Life!