Excellent GCSE success for Year 11

Thursday 23 August 2018

Our Year 11 students have been celebrating their excellent GCSE results today.

The number of pupils achieving the new benchmark score of 4 or better on English and Maths GCSEs (equivalent to a C) has risen from 50% to 51%.

There was also an increase in the number of students passing the ‘EBacc’ – a basket of academic subjects that are valued by top universities and employers. This year 15% of students passed the EBacc, compared to 14% last year.

Principal Herminder Channa JP said: “Ark Boulton has again seen an increase in the results achieved by its students across a range of subjects. It is fantastic to see students’ and teachers’ hard work, focus and tenacity paying off on results day. The high expectations we have has helped our students secure some great results that have enabled them to go on to college, training provider or into the career of their choice.” 

We are very proud of all our students and wish them the very best with their future academic careers and endeavours. 

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A few of our strongest performers in this year’s GCSEs were:  

  • Achieved four 9s, three 8s, one 7 and one 6.
  • Tahira is ambitious, hardworking and highly articulate. Tahira was Head Girl at Ark Boulton for 2017-2018, led the student council and student leadership team. Tahira made many speeches across the year addressing students, staff VIPs and members of the public.
  • Tahera wants to go on to study A level Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Literature and pursue a career in Dentistry.
  • “I’m so happy with my results, and I couldn’t have achieved these without the invaluable and diverse help from my teachers. I’d like to thank them all for the support.”

  • Achieved two 9s, four 8s and three 7s.
  • “I’m very proud of myself and I’m happy with the results I have achieved. The personalised revision and study packs our teachers made for us really helped to reinforce what we were learning in the classroom. It was so useful.”
  • Amna wants to study A level English Literature, Art, History and Religious Studies at college.

  • Achieved one 8, two 7s and six 6s.
  • "I'm very happy with my results and I can now go on to study the A levels I want. I've always wanted to study at King Edwards and now I have a good chance to."
  • Mansoor plans to study A level Computer Science and Maths.

  • Achieved two 9s, two 8s and three 7s.
  • “I feel overwhelmed with the grades I have achieved. The walking talking mocks really helped me to understand the format of exam papers and learn the content. With these results, I feel like more opportunities have opened up for me in terms of my future career aspirations.”
  • Hina wants to study Art and Physics at University of Birmingham School and would like to explore the medical field in the future.

  • Achieved one 9, three 8s, four 7s and one 6.
  • “I feel content with my results and now feel like I go on to study the subjects I’ve always wanted. I want to thank all the staff who supported to me. I hope to pursue a career in Dentistry when I am older.”
  • Wants to study Maths, English Literature, Chemistry and Biology at King Edwards Sixth Form.