International Day of Women & Girls in Science

Monday 11 February 2019

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is to celebrate the roles of women in science subjects and careers and to also raise awareness of the need for more women to participate in science.

In order to achieve full and equal access and participation in science for women and girls and further achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, the United Nations General Assembly declared the 11th February as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Here at Ark Boulton Academy, we are passionate about breaking down the barriers and stereotypes within the science field and discussing them further. Empowering the students of today to influence and change the generations of tomorrow.

We give each of our students the skills, personal qualities and qualifications they need to be successful at university and in the career of their choice. Together, we make them role models for future generations, helping them to fulfil their potential and raise aspirations, and that together we reach higher by ensuring that our young people can compete on level terms for places at university and in employment.