Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Programme at Ark Boulton

Thursday 23 May 2019

Ark Boulton Academy has been awarded a generous donation of £1,000 in partnership with the Kellogg’s Breakfast Club Programme.

Ark Boulton Academy was one of many schools throughout the United Kingdom that was selected to receive the breakfast boost this anniversary year, with one grant to be given for every school day.

Kellogg’s has supported 3,000 school breakfast clubs with funds, food and training over the last 20 years – that’s 70 million bowls of cereal to children all over the UK since 1998.

Breakfast clubs help with everything from attendance and attainment to alleviating hunger and providing pre-school care. 68% of teachers believe pupils would struggle to concentrate in class without their breakfast club, according to Kellogg’s research.

Mrs Channa said: “We are so grateful to receive this generous donation. We have since been able to purchase multiple items for our club. These resources will help us to provide our breakfast club services for our children and their families thanks to the support from Kellogg’s.”

Kate Prince, Corporate Social Responsibility manager, at Kellogg’s, said “We’re proud to have spent 20 years supporting so many schools across the UK. We believe all children should have the opportunity to start the day with breakfast, and we know that equipment and resources are just as important to clubs as the food itself.”

Ark Boulton will be launching this club to all students Monday to Friday from 8:00am – 8:15am.

Students will be able to choose from the below, with jugs of juice and water provided on the tables:

  • Two pieces of toast.
  • One bowl of cereal.
  • One low fat yoghurt.
  • One fruit pot or piece of fruit.

Any students who do wish to attend this wonderful opportunity should use the student late entrance.