Mental Health Awareness Day

Wednesday 21 February 2018

As part of our Virtues Curriculum, we have our regular Rights and Responsibilities Day throughout the year. This term the focus was on Mental Health Awareness. Below are just a few areas that students discovered on the day:

Food & Drink

We discussed how what you eat and drink can affect your mood and mental wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing. We looked at cooking with alternatives for sugar and made banana pancakes as a healthy, tasty treat without sugar.


Maintaining a physically active lifestyle has great impact on your mental health too, releasing endorphins to give you a healthy balance from the inside out.

Community & Consideration

We focused on the importance of community spirit to help keep everyone healthy. Helping out and volunteering to keep the community tidy. Being kind and considerate is the best way to inspire others.

We also had visitors from a creative theatre company ‘Round Midnight’. Students were involved in an interactive workshop where they learnt about active citizenship. Wellbeing also stems from the decisions we make about democracy.  

Discussions and Engagement

‘Chatterminds’ joined us to help deliver mindfulness workshops. In depth discussions with students during the day established the importance of maintaining respect and showing gratitude toward others.