"Read, Practice, Perfect!" - London Workshop

Tuesday 11 October 2016

On 6th and 7th October Ms Ahmed and Mr Szwaba attended a conference in London, run by educational Czar Doug Lemov, entitled 'Reading Reconsidered'. The focus of the conference was to provide training to teachers in how to use a range of different reading techniques to improve students’ progress and attainment across the curriculum. The workshops provided a chance to study different models of reading strategies.

We practiced in small groups at first between ourselves and then evaluated the strategies’ effectiveness. Toward the end of the conference we devised an action plan to see how we would share and implement these strategies back at Ark Boulton Academy.

Mr Szwaba said: “Reading Reconsidered workshop in London with Doug Lemov opened our eyes to how we can teach reading in an active manner, with a number of discreet steps.  I'm looking forward to sharing with the staff to see some of the techniques in practice!”

Ms Ahmed added: “It was great to have the time to practice the strategies Doug and his team showcased for us.  I am looking forward to seeing the impact of these strategies at Ark Boulton.”

Mr Szwaba and Ms. Ahmed are now planning a series of workshops to delivery to Ark Boulton staff in the near future.