Sailing on the Norfolk Broads

Monday 24 September 2018

Over the summer break thirty-two pupils from a number of Birmingham schools joined fifteen staff and sailing instructors on a trip to the Norfolk Broads. Five students went from Ark Boulton Academy along with Mr Harris (Head of History).

Students lived on traditional Broad Yachts. The yachts were built in the 1930s so they have no engines to help you sail against the wind! You can see examples of these yachts here. Students also had two motor cruisers where staff created delightful dishes for their daily meals.

Pupils learnt a lot about sailing and gained hands on experience. However the main purpose of the trip was for students from a variety of schools to learn about working with people from different backgrounds, work as a team and take more responsibility for themselves.

“I’m very proud of how the students from Ark Boulton conducted themselves on the trip. Not only were two students part of the crew that won a prize for their superb efforts across the week, all but one of the Ark Boulton students managed to avoid falling in the water!” Mr Harris.

“I enjoyed the trip. It was a great time for me to socialise with new people and I made new friends. I’d definitely go again if I could and I’d recommend sailing to everyone.” Hamza Gul.