Support for your child

Wednesday 08 December 2021

The pandemic and lockdown required us to reassess our ways of working, and this has helped improve efficiency by encouraging us as a community to go digital. There are many ways in which we hope to save you, as parents, time and energy while you juggle the many aspects of your day.

When you use My Child at School (MCAS), you learn everything you need to about your child's attainment, progress and any behavioural concerns at a touch of a button.

There is an update about your child? You will be notified immediately, and have all the information ready to view.

You wish to see how your child is progressing? All reports are available whenever you wish to view them.

Similarly, School Cloud allows you to conduct parent-teacher meetings from the comfort of your home. Never again will you need to find a babysitter or rush over from work.

Online homework is a great way to reduce paper and ensure that students have all the resources they need at all times. It also prepares them for the online assessments they take throughout the school year.

Lastly, we cannot forget, iPayImpact - the quick and easy way to pay for lunches or buy items from our school shop.

As you can see, our school has embraced technology in all forms. In doing so, our focus on your child's day to day learning and attainment has increased, so that we can ensure they will have the skills, personal qualities and qualifications they need to be successful at university and in the career of their choice.