Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Tuesday 09 January 2018

Health, peace of mind, fitness and wellbeing play an important role for the quality of life. Here at Ark Boulton, we make student and staff wellbeing a priority, taking a healthier approach to education and life.

Developing organisational wellbeing can make a huge difference to support our team to encourage their self-awareness. Wellbeing goes beyond the physical aspects of the environment, but also focuses on the social and relationship aspects of employees’ working lives.

In light of this, Ark Boulton has renovated its ‘staff wellbeing’ room. The change took place during December 2017, and we are delighted to announce the opening today. Staff were invited to have a look at the bespoke room designed to give them a mindful space where they can retreat beyond their classrooms to meet other colleagues, enjoy their lunch in the new canteen space, and work in the lounge area.