University of Oxford Residential

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Universify is a charity committed to educational equality. The aim is to increase educational aspirations, student attainment and the chances of making a successful application to a highly selective university.

Ark Boulton Academy partnered with Universify to send two of our Year 10 students on a year-long programme to the University of Oxford. This is our third year taking part in this scheme.

“Universify’s residential is a brilliant idea, which has had an immense impact on the students who took part. They returned full of excitement and in total awe of Oxford University. The residential was planned with great care and to cater to student needs.” Lead Teacher – Ark Boulton Academy.

This summer, students Habibah and Ahee attended the residential and will now continue to benefit from mentoring from Universify volunteers throughout the year leading up to their GCSE examinations.

Below is an account from Habibah and her experience on the residential:

My time at the University of Oxford was amazing! I stayed at Somerville College Oxford for a week and took part in a number of academic sessions including subjects that are more commonly for a university student such as Philosophy and Medical Sciences.

As well as the academic experience, I also took part in activities such as punting and debating. These activities really helped strengthen my confidence and helped to ‘break the ice’ amongst all the students at the residential. I learnt a lot from the sessions and I am now more aware of what studying at a top university would be like.

I am very happy that Ark Boulton Academy chose me to take part in the course as it was such an eye opening experience for me. The things I have learnt and the memories I have made with everyone will stay with me forever. Thank you to Alex and all of the coaches for making me and the other students who took part feel so comfortable. I personally would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take part in this programme.

Find out more about Universify.