Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Thursday 10 September 2020

It has been exciting as we welccome our school community back to Ark Boulton after 6 months of lockdown and home learning. As we are all aware, the Coronavirus is still a concern and we have factored in a number of changes to the school in order to protect every one of our students and staff members.

Staff training

As part of our Ark ethos for extra training days and preparation, staff spent the first week of September creating their social bubbles, testing new systems and moving items around the school.  It was an exciting week as ideas were perfected and there was time to make neccessary adjustments. We know that whilst thie virus exists these changes will continue to be a fluid process of which we will keep everyone updated.

Bubbles and distancing

The school will now operate in 5 'bubbles', each in a dedicated building catering to an individual year group. Students do not need to move between classrooms = the teachers will instead. The exception being Year 10 and 11 who move to specialised classrooms for GCSE options (for example the music rooms). Wherever possible staff have been assigned to one bubble and will not be moving to other areas to teach. All staff and students are being encouraged to socially distance. Staff are also wearing visors or masks as they move around the school.

A new learning experience

We want the best for our students. The changes that have been made in school will continue to adapt depending on additional government guidance and the needs of our students. We appreciate everyone within and outside the school community for supporting us in keeping ourselves, our students, and the larger school community as safe as possible. We strive to still providing excellent teaching in all situations.

2020 has not been a year we expected but the resilience, commitment and courage displayed by our students has been remarkable. We are proud of each of them for motivating themselves and showing determination to reach their goals. Distance learning can be difficult, but it has shown that when our students try they will succeed.