WMP World Youth Café

Thursday 06 December 2018

Ark Boulton took part in its first ever World Youth Café hosted by West Midlands Police. The event was organised to allow students and the police to come together in an informal environment and discuss, what they consider to be, concerns in the community. Students then went on to discuss the possible solutions for these concerns.

Participants sat around tables in groups, each with a police officer, and engaged in conversations covering pollution, social media bullying, and community crime.

Students also discussed the areas of their community that are positive and which they enjoy, such as having access to great facilities, having schools close to home, and friendly neighbours.

It was great to see so many students engaging with each other and the West Midlands Police force. A great way to deliver service for the community we live in by involving the future of our community.

The event ended with a lovely lunch for all involved. We would like to thank the WMP for their Youth Café and we hope to make this a regular feature at our academy.