World Values Day 2019

Thursday 17 October 2019

World Values Day is an annual campaign to increase the awareness and practice of values around the world. This year the theme was ‘Values and Wellbeing’, encouraging all individuals to recognize that when we apply and live our inner values, our overall wellbeing improves.  

Values can be both a way of uniting collectively and standing out individually. Interestingly, many of us have the same underlying core values even if we don’t recognize them in the same way. For example, the importance placed on being grateful, honest, compassionate, self-disciplined, committed, humble, courageous, charitable, just and in service to others, can be found in traditions, cultures and religions across the globe. Although the way they are described and expressed can differ.  

At Ark Boulton we understand that values guide us throughout our lives, giving us direction and belonging. Therefore, we provide students with dedicated time to not just talk about our values, but to explore how they are applied in our daily choices and collective routines. We know the more a student can verbally express what is important to them, the easier they can embody it in their daily lives. 

Likewise, we encourage students to understand the unique values that express their personalities, interests, hobbies and aspirations for the future. For World Values Day, our teachers shared their unique outlooks. Some expressed a value for their own time and space whilst others value support from those around them. As our school commits to our collective values, it has become even more important that we also commit to helping student discover their own.  

To do so, we personally engage with our students to see what drives them as individuals. For we agree, a person who is true to their inner calling will be happier, healthier and more successful in life. We hope that World Values Day helps to reinforce and expand on the calling that we at Boulton make every day – to become better in ourselves, so that we can be better for the world around us.