Year 7 Symphony Hall Visit

Wednesday 07 February 2018

On Friday 2nd February, the whole of Year 7 took a trip to Central Birmingham to see our world famous City of Birmingham's Symphony Orchestra (the CBSO for short) perform at the Symphony Hall, a world class performance venue.

Year 7 watched an hour long concert which took them on a journey of music through time, starting right back in the Renaissance period, through to Baroque, Classical and Romantic music, finishing with a modern day piece of minimalism which they were able to help create themselves through body percussion.

It was fantastic to watch over 7,000 pupils from different schools, being introduced to the orchestra and its' repertoire (some for the first time) in such a beautiful hall in our very own city. Since the trip, Ms Al-Hanoush has been inundated with questions Year 7 have been raising about the instruments and composers they heard on the day in their subsequent music lessons and is very impressed with their knowledge retained from the trip.

Well done Year 7!