Year 9 Options – Selecting a direction for the future

Thursday 09 January 2020

Choosing your GCSE subjects can be a daunting task. With so many combinations of subjects and a variety of choices available, it can be a struggle to know what direction to go in. 

At Ark Boulton we try to give our students the best chance by offering a core curriculum based on Maths, English, Science and a humanities subject, in addition to two other subjects chosen by our students. 

These additional subjects fall under the arts, languages, health and wellbeing, business, psychology and citizenship, as well as GCSEs which extend on the core curriculum. 

In order to make the right selections, students need to consider the future career path they are interested in, as many universities and occupations expect specific subjects and grades in order to be accepted there. Therefore, if you know you wish to be a doctor or lawyer or have another profession in mind, then we suggest that you look at the A-levels required to study these courses at university in order to determine the GCSEs required to do those A-level courses. 

In contrast, for those that are unsure about the area they want to go into, it is useful to keep their options open – meaning, to select a broad range of subjects. It may be useful in these instances to select an art or technical subject alongside business or psychology. This can provide a broad basis of knowledge that leaves you open to various future avenues.

Alternatively, you may choose a language and a technical subject, both of which provide practical transferrable skills that can aid both in future studying and possible apprenticeships. 

If you’re still unsure, it can help to select all the subjects you enjoy, as those are the ones students usually do the best in. 

No matter where you are on your journey of selection, we suggest that you use this great search tool the Russell Group of universities have created a to help you make your decision.

Image: Year 9 students have a discussion with business leaders about life in different professions.