Amna is Canada bound!

A student from Ark Boulton Academy has been awarded the Stuart Horne Bursary which enables young people from the UK to participate in three-week-long adventure experiences in the Canadian wilderness, through all-expenses-paid summer courses with Outward Bound Canada.

For 21 days Amna Khan, a Year 11 student at Ark Boulton, will be in beautiful British Columbia learning how to sea kayak, surf and remote camp.

For Amna, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity:

“I never thought I was going to get chosen – it’s impossible!  I want to step out of my own little bubble – I want to do something different.  I don’t want to just live like everyone else – I want to do something and make a change.

“We fly to Canada on the 1st August and then take a ferry to Vancouver Island - I was so happy to hear that I felt like screaming!  I’ve never been to Canada before – I think the scenery will be mind-blowing – I think it will be a lot different from here.  We’ll do kayaking and we’ll learn to surf – and we’ll go to an island that you can only access by sea.”

Amna’s Canadian adventure will begin in the beautiful Comox Valley where she will meet the other young people that she’ll be travelling with.  She will then take to the water in a sea kayak to explore and discover the coves, natural harbours and islands in and around Clayoquot Sound.  Clayoquot Sound has been declared by UNESCO a biosphere reserve, is a maze of small old-growth cedar covered islands and protected inlets, rocky reefs, sandy beaches, deep fjords and natural hot springs. 

Amna will travel in a double or single sea kayak learning and mastering many ocean travel skills: paddling techniques, ocean navigation using nautical charts and tide tables, and safety and rescue skills.  She will then take part in a private two-day surf camp on a remote beach and will be given individual instruction with her own board and wetsuit.

Amna can’t wait to go:

“I’m so excited about it now.  There are 10 of us in the group – some from Ark schools and some from Canada - so we’ll get to know each other really well.  We’ll learn about each other’s counties and cultures. 

“I hope that I will be really confident when I come back.  I’m so shy talking to people and I feel like this will help me to be more confident in myself and in talking to people – as well as making a lot of memories.”

Amna is planning to keep a diary during her adventure so keep your eye on the website for her Canadian tales!