Celebrating Science

Fifteen Year 9 students had the privilege of being invited to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) event at Thinktank in Digbeth, an event held to turn the tables on professions that were - historically - male dominated.  The themes of this inspirational day were equality, dedication and hard work: with these, anything is possible.

Students witnessed recent advances in the field of 3D printing and they excelled at conducting aptitude test used to find skilled air-traffic controllers.  The students also had the opportunity to meet medical researchers and hear how they are developing vaccines to treat – and even prevent - particular cancers.

It was a truly eye opening and awe inspiring day.

Thanks to Maryam Alim, Sadiya Begum, Amna Rehman, Atika Ali, Mahima Chowdhury, Janathul Likha, Hina Mahmood, Najwa Mohammed, Mehreen Masood, Mahida Muntaha, Tahera Yasmin, Momna Alam, Safaa Gulzar who attended the event.  They were exceptional ambassadors for Ark Boulton, conducting themselves in an exemplary fashion all day; they asked thoughtful questions and considered their responses carefully, leaving an overwhelmingly positive lasting impression on all those they met on this day.