Autism Awareness Week

Compassion is one of our academy’s virtues. Compassion is the ability to understand the emotional state of another person or oneself, and as part of Autism Awareness Week we used this virtue to raise awareness and a wider understanding about autism.

Autism is a developmental condition of which the cause of is still unknown. The number of people with autism is increasing. Understanding autism has become ever more important in our society and it presents a significant opportunity to teach people compassion through awareness.

Often there is a negative stigma attached to people with autism. This is due to the misunderstanding of certain behaviour. People with autism have wonderful qualities worth recognising and highlighting. A vast number of people with autism are highly intelligent. See ‘Famous Autistic People’ article for an interesting read.

Throughout the week we had awareness assemblies for staff and students, and activities for students to take part in during form time.

Our Enhanced Provision Team did an excellent job of covering this topic this week and also held a bake sale for The National Autistic Society. Students spent time baking cupcakes and decorating them in preparation for the sale at Friday lunchtime. The cakes were delicious, and raised an amazing £124.65!

Mr Ptak, Leader of Enhanced Provision commented, “This week has really empowered our students and it has had a huge positive impact on them, especially those with autism. It gave them the confidence to talk more about autism and feel more confident. We are very proud at the hard work they put in preparing for the cake sale, from baking, decorating cakes, to selling them at lunchtime. Well done to all.”

You can see more pictures from the week on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


I see life like a canvas, which tells us about life and our destiny. The difference between me (an autistic person) and a person that is not autistic is that whilst they have all the colours in the rainbow to paint with, I only have the primary colours to curve my destiny.”

Quote from a student at Ark Boulton Academy.