'The Story of Maths'

Our Mathematics Department delivered a lesson with a difference this week. Year 8 students have been benefiting from learning about ‘The Story of Maths’ combining history and maths in one. A great example of how our academy delivers cross-curricular learning and helps students understand how all subjects benefit from one other.

“The aim is to make maths relevant to students and help them identify with the subject in their day to day life.” Ms Akhtar, Director of Mathematics at Ark Boulton.

Students were introduced to:

  • Contributions from some of the giants of mathematics including Plato, Archimedes and Pythagoras whose theorem we use and apply today in our lessons.
  • The history of the Great Wall of China, and the great engineering and maths used to design and build it.
  • The history behind the symbol for zero.
  • Indian mathematicians’ understanding of infinity and negative numbers.
  • How the knowledge and invention of algebra spread from the East through to the West.

Mathematics has been fundamental to advances in science, engineering and philosophy, and continues to develop and aid knowledge in the modern world. It plays a key role in our everyday lives whether that be through calculations, measurements, shapes, motions of physical objects, logic, and even ideas and art.