Gratitude Award

Students Farzana Hossain, Aleenah Saverah, Sonayah Navid and Amilah Wajid have been busy developing a ‘Gratitude Club’ for staff and students within the academy. We recently caught up with them after they gave out their very first Gratitude Award to Music teacher, Miss Al-Hanoush.

What inspired you to create this club?

“We wanted to talk about positive things within the academy. We thought it would be good to award positive people and show gratitude towards them.”

Why did you choose Miss Al-Hanoush?

“We chose Miss Al-Hanoush because she is dedicated to her students and gives so much of her time to us. Miss Al-Hanoush delivers many after school enrichment clubs for us to take part in such as the choir, ukulele, guitar, djembe, violin and dhol drumming clubs.”

What do you enjoy most about the gratitude club?

“When we meet, we talk about positivity and it makes us feel happy and grateful for what we have around us and for the many amazing people in our lives. Gratitude is one of our academy ten virtues and so we are always thankful for the opportunities we have in life.

“We would like to thank Mrs Russell (Designated Safeguarding and Pastoral Lead) who helped set up the club with us. We have developed many new friendships through this. We also want to thank all the students who came together to help us think of ideas to bring the gift of gratitude to members of Ark Boulton Academy.”

Miss Al-Hanoush commented, “It was so sudden. When I realised what the girls were giving to me, I was overwhelmed and the card brought a tear to my eye. I have now proudly displayed the card in my classroom. I am glad to hear the students are enjoying the musical opportunities available at the academy, and delighted to know that they are making a difference to their future with such a positive impact.”

As an academy we want to thank the members of the club. What a lovely idea to show appreciation for all the positive things that are going on in our academy.