Performance at Greet Primary School

On Wednesday 12th July, 13 woodwind students from years 8 to 11 performed at Greet Primary School.

At Greet Primary, the recorder is learnt in year 5. At Ark Boulton, we run woodwind lessons from year 7 to 11 and thought it would be an excellent opportunity to showcase what happens when you keep learning your musical instrument over time. Our woodwind students were more than willing to show the primary school children a trick or two on their instruments, which included not just the recorder but clarinet and flute too. Ark Boulton students performed alongside the year 5 recorders in a special concert given to the rest of Greet Primary which was enjoyed by all.

All Ark Boulton students were a credit to the academy and some of the Greet students even came up to Ms. Al-Hanoush at the end of the concert to express their excitement for starting at Ark Boulton in September!

Well done to Shahid Khan, Humza Uddin, Deqa Abdalla, Amani Abdalla, Haris Hussain, Aleemah Musa, Hashim Khan, Siham Abas-Mohammed, Zainab Aleeza, Juvuria Yaser,  Madeeah Kauser, Nimarah Aslam and Isha Tabassam.