Living History WW1 Frontline Experience

Frontline Living History delivered an engaging workshop for our Year 11 historians. Frontline Living are experienced historical interpreters with years of expertise in WW1 battlefield medicine and working with schools.

They brought real and replica artefacts from the trenches of WW1 to help students learn about aspects of the war on a more personal level to the soldiers. For example, learning about the type of medicine which was used on the Western Front and how disease and injuries were dealt with. They examined a surgeon’s kit and heard about the chain of evacuation to help look after wounded soldiers.

Students enjoyed getting up close and personal with the artefacts, trying on genuine helmets and looking at the rifles used. Even Mr Horner and Mr Harris got involved in the action!

The two very knowledgeable presenters were dressed in full WW1 soldier uniforms and caused quite a stir when they helped out at a line-up on the playground and managed a queue during lunchtime!

We also experienced the replica smells of some of the gasses used during the fighting and heard first-hand the accounts of how gas was used to cause fear and death.

It was a successful day and helped the students to excel in their GCSE mock exam on the same subject. A hands-on learning experience is very effective and as an academy we would like to thank Frontline Living History for delivering the workshop.

Mr Harris hopes to organise more events such as this for students who choose to study History at GCSE.