Autism Hour at Boulton

During the week of 2nd October 2017, The National Autistic Society launched its ‘Autism Hour’ event. The aim was to help the public understand more about autism and how it can affect every day activity like going to the shops. “Shops can be too loud, glaringly bright and overwhelming for autistic people. The result is 79% of autistic people feeling socially isolated.”

At Ark Boulton Academy, we were keen to get involved and raise awareness for autism within the school too. Students with autism at the academy can sometimes become overwhelmed. For this reason, we have activities and facilities in place to help reduce stress levels and provide an avenue to allow relaxation and opportunities to talk.

During ‘autism hour’ we took part in boccia – a relaxing game to help students wind down during the day and we spent time reading and talking in our purpose built sensory room.

Click here to read more about how we support autism awareness at our academy.