Walking Talking Mocks

Monday 26 February 2018

You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘walking talking mocks’ which have become more popular as a form of revision for our Year 11 students. The idea behind them is to enable students to experience examination conditions before the actual exams.

As per a usual mock, students sit in their designated examination seats and work through a mock paper. However, the difference with a walking talking mock is students are guided through the paper at the same time with a teaching member of staff. They are walked through the questions, given guidance on how to plan for specific question types, taking notes and underlining key words, and what to reference back to.

“We select teachers to deliver the mocks in the large school hall, this way all students receive the same great advice and guidance. Walking talking mocks are a great form of measurable impact, and have shown significant improvements in the performance of our Year 11 students.” Ms Entwistle, Vice Principal.

Students follow through the paper with the teachers paper projected live on a large screen. This helps gives students a visual guide, which for most, helps recall information more easily. Students are allocated a suitable amount of time to answer the questions and then the answers are discussed at the end to evaluate. See Year 11 working through an English paper with Miss Lee here.

After a Physics walk and talk exam, a student commented:

"That was so worthwhile, my teacher pointed out something in a question that I wouldn't have seen which would have made me lose 2 marks, that’s the difference between me receiving a grade 8 or a grade 9."

“This tells me why I'm carrying out walking talking mocks, but more significantly it is a student telling me why I should keep doing them.” Ms Sutton, Director of Science and Innovation.