Ark Alumni

Ark has launched an alumni programme which will enable former pupils to keep in touch with their old school, inspire other pupils, be an Ark amabassador and network with other former students.

After completing their GCSEs, our Year 11 students can join the online platform and download the app which offers a wide range of benefits and resources.

With over 5,000 former Ark students, the programme can support ex students by providing financial assistance, help to develop skills, and provide an invaluable peer network. It can also assist in finding graduate jobs, internships and apprenticeships with over 300 of the world’s top employers

In addition, Ark Alumni is offering a number of students work experience this summer, where you could gain valuable marketing, communications and program design skills and experience, and help to further develop the platform. You will also be able to engage with your peers in contributing and expanding the community.

Every student is offered a chance to sign up when they collect their GCSE results.

To stay connected go to the Ark Alumni site, fill in the online form and submit. Your request will be approved within 24 hours and you will receive an email with a link to activate your profile. You can also download the mobile app, and log int to access resources and opportunites and post on the platform.