​​​​​​​Aims and Ambitions

By September 2022 each student in an Ark school, from Year 4 upwards, should have a 1:1 device which they can use to support their learning at home. This device will be a Google Chromebook.

This strategy aims to be a catalyst for innovation across the network and bring the following key benefits: 

  • Enable pupils to extend their learning beyond the classroom and support the development of more independent learning, accelerating the closing of gaps in their learning 
  • Provide teachers with more time in the classroom for high leverage activity and reduce the time spent marking and monitoring home learning 
  • Enable the network to have greater visibility of engagement in home learning across all schools, providing us with more opportunities to support and enhance this work 

At Ark Boulton we are already on the way to providing our Key Stage 4 students with a Chromebook each.

Student Agreements and Support

Before being issued a laptop, students will need to complete this Home School Agreement with their parents.

You can also read the 'Meet your device' guides (below) for students to familiarize themselves with their new devices.