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Ark Boulton's mission is simple. We love our children and we want them to have the best possible environment to succeed in.  We are a family where staff care for pupils as they would do with their own children. We provide opportunities to develop outstanding character for which they will be recognised in society and to be role models for generations to follow. And most importantly, we passionately believe that all students, regardless of need, should have the opportunity to go to a successful post 16 provision or career of their choice.  

SEND and Inclusion

At Ark Boulton, we genuinely believe that SEND is a whole-school approach. This means we aim to provide a learning environment where students with special educational needs make exceptional progress. We recognise the skills students bring to the school and ensure that they have quality access to the whole curriculum so they can build on these skills as they develop into young adults ready to face the world outside of the academy.  

We strongly believe it is our duty to be accessible and inclusive for all pupils and therefore, we live this through our day to day practice, in every classroom across every faculty in the academy. Supporting students with SEND does not just sit with the SENCO or our Enhanced Provision Faculty, it sits with everyone. As an academy, all our teachers understand that as practitioners, we are teachers of character, literacy, subject and SEND. All lessons are fully inclusive and teachers are trained on how to support our SEND students so that they can fully participate and experience success.  

We passionately believe that the students’ learning needs will first and best be met through high quality teaching delivered by mainstream subject teachers. There is no replacement for Quality First Teaching therefore, our approach centres arounds: 

1.                   Clear routines and high expectations for all. 

2.                  High quality Professional Development for teachers. 

3.                  A consistent structure in the delivery of lessons so that all students, especially those with SEND know what to expect from one lesson to another. 

4.                  Specific targeted support for students through One Page Profiles and individualised interventions. 

Together with Quality First teaching, we support students’ individual learning requirements using the graduated approach of the ‘assess, plan, do and review’. Every student with additional needs has a One Page Profile that is written together with the student and parents so that everyone has an input. This profile is used by all teaching colleagues to plan and support students in lessons. When difficulties or concerns arise, we ensure that early intervention is put in place to close gaps in learning, provide appropriate emotional support and ensure full access to the curriculum.

Please see our policies page for more in-depth information about our SEND provision.

Disabled Access Policy

Ark Boulton Academy is committed to meeting the needs of all students, staff and visitors. Our school site incorporates a number of accessibility features and our friendly staff are happy to assist you with any additional requirements you may have.

Accessibility features include:

  • Automated entrance gate and automated doors throughout the academy.
  • Level access entrance.
  • Designated car park spaces for visitors with disabilities.
  • Low level reception.
  • Accessible toilets.
  • Appropriate accessibility lifts.
  • Support staff trained to provide support if required.